Wednesday, June 1, 2016

no, I'm not dead ... just frazzled

Last night in a conversation with someone re upcoming books, I was reminded I haven't been keeping up with things here.  Guilty as charged.  For the last two months it's been insane Jane time here at casa mia; away from home, sick, company, away from home, more company, and vacation.  Not that I haven't been reading, because I have, but I still have books from way back in March that I haven't posted about!  Not laziness, no; just a case of needing time to breathe.

 I recently finished Nabokov's Despair (a wonderful book, by the way, and I'll post about it soon), which was focused on one of the most narcissistic/solipsistic characters ever in the history of my reading career. In that book, the main character Hermann decides that he has met his double/doppelganger, and he devises  some pretty nefarious plans built around the poor, unsuspecting guy. He also has one of the creepiest worldviews ever encapsulated in a novel, but more later on that (and hopefully shortly). After finishing it, I found myself fascinated with literary doppelgangers, so added to my already lengthy, never-ending tbr pile are the following:

  1. The Poor Clare, by Elizabeth Gaskell
  2. Aiding and Abetting, by Muriel Spark
  3. The Double, by Dostoevsky
  4. The Devil's Elixirs, by ETA Hoffman and
  5. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, by James Hogg
So no, I'm not dead but just trying to keep my head above water book- and otherwise. Don't worry, Lisa!


  1. I'm not worried! ha ha! Life can get so busy.

    1. Why, yes it can! But thanks for the nudge. I appreciate it!

  2. I figured there were vacations involved, but that the reading always goes on.

    1. The reading goes on, but time for posting has been tough. I promise - no more vacations until August.


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