Tuesday, May 20, 2014

aloha and aloha from the Big Island

Today's our last full day in Hawaii and it's been a very full trip.   I have to confess to not getting much reading done, though...with sights like the view from our room (above),

 Mauna Loa at night, or taking a 3-hour hike down into and across a crater still active with steam vents in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (view from above, before we started down), and much, much more (including night snorkeling with manta rays!),

there's not been much time for reading. But I have managed to finish a few:

Ruby, by Cynthia Bond 
The Cage, by Kenzo Kitakata
Revenants, by Daniel Mills

and I'm smack in the middle of Rebecca Hunt's Everland.  I have a feeling the long, long plane ride will make for great reading time. And then, back to business as usual after a few days of readjusting from the 6-hour time difference between Hawaii and home. 

I would also like to take a moment to say something about another blogger, Jackie, from Farm Lane Books in the UK. I just received a notice that she'll be taking a break from blogging for health issues, and I'd like to wish her a speedy recovery and tell her that I'll miss reading her posts.  Get well, Jackie!

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