Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Reading Roundup

If I've learned one thing this month, it's that it is truly impossible to stay current with every book that comes into the house. I might have had a good shot at it but I got a little slowed down with Dissident Gardens, which I spent well over a week and a half reading.  Keeping up with new arrivals just isn't a reality so my little mini-challenge just fizzled. Oh well!

Here's what I did manage:

Dissident Gardens, by Jonathan Lethem
Burial Rites, by Hannah Kent
American Rust, by Philipp Meyer (discussion soon)
Lost Luggage, by Jordi Punti (discussion soon)

odd/weird fiction 

crime fiction/mystery
Ruin Value, by J. Sydney Jones
Treasure Hunt, by Andrea Camilleri 
A Crack in the Wall, by Claudia Piňeiro 
Sandrine's Case, by Thomas H. Cook 


still reading
The Kills, by Richard House 
The Yellow Sign and Other Stories: The Complete Weird Tales of Robert W. Chambers, ed. S.T. Joshi
just stuck my nose into
The Abominable, by Dan Simmons (thanks, Em!)
And now, the  other book-related stuff:

1) Books I'm giving away this month -- for US readers only.    -- Unlike many other things in life, for you, this deal is absolutely 100% totally free;  I'll even pay postage to get it to its new home.  All you need to do is to be the first to leave a comment here, and then email me at with contact info INCLUDING A HOME ADDRESS, PLEASE!! 1st come, first served. No address email, no book:

books are posted on the side, but if you can't see them, here they are:
1. MaddAdam, by Margaret Atwood (bought 2 by mistake, so one's up for grabs)

(Night Film has been taken!)

 2) Added to the  wishlist this month (subtitled: huh? never heard of those!):

 crime fiction:
The Good Suicides, by Antonio Hill
Murder in the Dark, by Dan Turell

 general fiction:
Black Flies, by Shannon Burke

The Dog Fighter: A Novel, by Marc Bojanowski 
Bleeding Edge, by Thomas Pynchon

the weird, the strange, supernatural etc:
At Fear's Altar, by Richard Gavin
Omens, by Richard Gavin
Lovecraft's Monsters, by Neil Gaiman
American Supernatural Tales, ed. S.T. Joshi


From the Tree to the Labyrinth: Historical Studies on the Sign and Interpretation, by Umberto Eco

Harlem Nocturne: Women Artists and Progressive Politics During World War II, by Farah Jasmine Griffin 
Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance, by Carla Kaplan
The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives, by Sasha Abramsky
 3) Books bought this month (subtitled: I read strange books)
  • Disappeared, by Anthony Quinn (crime fiction) 
  • The Breath of Night, by Michael Arditti (fiction/literature)
  • Helium, by Jaspreet Singh  (fiction/literature)
  • Dissident Gardens, by Jonathan Lethem (fiction/literature)
  •  Supernatural Noir, ed. Ellen Datlow (weird/supernatural fiction)
  • He Arrived at Dusk, by R.C. Ashby (weird/supernatural fiction)
  • Ghosts by Gaslight: Stories of Steampunk and Supernatural Suspense, ed. Jack Dann (weird/supernatural fiction)
  • Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King (horror)
  • Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker, by Stanley Crouch (nonfiction)

4) The book group read  American Rust by Philipp Meyer, and while we had a superb discussion, most of the group felt that the novel was too bleak. I didn't.   I loved this book absolutely and can't wait to dig into Meyer's newest novel.  

That's it for September.  Happy reading!


  1. I don't know if these books are still available, but I would love Night Film. I will email you seperately.

    1. So sorry Amy, I had a taker this morning before I could post that it had been given away. Thanks, and there will be more!


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