Friday, March 2, 2012

I have two ARCS that need homes; does anyone want either or both of these? (US only, please)

I finished reading and writing my reviews for two books (neither is for sale yet so the reviews will be posted here later) and now the ARCs need homes. If you want either or both of these, they're yours, gratis. No contest here... making a simple comment saying which book you want is all you need to do -- first come first served.

First is Joe Lansdale's Edge of Dark Water, publishing March 25, probably best suited for readers of YA fiction.

Second I have David Downing's latest addition to his John Russell series, Lehrter Station, publishing in May:

You can have either one or both, I don't care. I would really like to find homes for these books, so please, someone take them!


  1. I would like John Russell series, Lehrter Station. Let me know. I leave you my email:

  2. Lehrter Station is taken (thank you!!); the Lansdale is still available.


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