Monday, March 12, 2012

book up for grabs: 77 shadow street - first one to claim it takes it (US only, please)

Last night I started this book, got to the middle and just couldn't do it any more.  I had set it aside some months ago for brain-relief reading, started it, and although it sort of piqued my interest at the beginning I just can't make myself finish it.  If you want it, just be the first to comment and it's yours. Free. I'll pay for the postage, too. I must say, I've never been a Dean Koontz fan, and after last night, I remembered why. But he's wildly popular, so there must be someone out there that wants this book.

Come and get it!


  1. Can I have it please? have always wanted to read Koontz.

    1. Thanks for giving it a home! I'll get it out this week, hopefully.


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