Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shehan Karunatilaka wins the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature with Chinaman

Congratulations to Shehan Karunatilaka for winning the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature.  I've been sitting on this book now for months, but it's definitely going to be popping up in my reading list within the next couple of weeks.

Karunatilaka's competition was as follows:

  •    U.R. Ananthamurthy: Bharathipura
  •   Chandrakanta: A Street in Srinagar
  •   Usha K.R: Monkey-man
  •   Tabish Khair: The Thing About Thugs
  •   Kavery Nambisan: The Story that Must Not Be Told 
and, as it just so happens, I've read Khair's novel and loved it, and the other 4 are sitting here on my floor just begging to be read. 

Now I'm more eager than ever to get started on Chinaman!


  1. How lucky you are to have all the books in the contest. I;d love to read the Chinaman. It's on my list of TBR this year!

    1. I guess you could call it luck, but I watch all kinds of international book and literature sites throughout the year to see what's being published, or what's coming soon in translation, and then I pick and choose titles to buy. Then sadly they just start accumulating. That's probably why I have them all here. And when I go to Seattle, I hang out in a lot of used bookstores there -- I found 3 of these used!

  2. Chinaman is available for sale in the UK. It's a brilliant book. I'm getting a personally signed one presented to me by Shehan. It's a little tradition i'm building with the DSC Prize winning authors.

    1. Thanks! I bought my copy from the UK last year but it got buried in the TBR pile at my house. And what a cool tradition you've started, getting signed copies!


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