Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January: starting with the new

Happy New Year to all from my home state of California, where I'm currently vacationing.  January is bringing with it several new books that I'm eager to read, and they are my priority this month.  My choice of titles begins with Corban Addison's A Walk Across the Sun, then the others that will follow include

Ragnarok: The End of the Gods, by A.S. Byatt
How It All Began, by Penelope Lively
Running the Rift, by Naomi Benaron
The Orphan Master's Son, by Adam Johnson

I'll also be working on other books, so you never know what's going to pop up.  My goal this year is to work harder on translated fiction from different areas of the world, so there should be a bit more than last year.

I'm hoping for a great year in books and am looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading as well!


  1. Love the photp. Penelope Lively's new book was revied in teh NYT this past week. You probably don't want to look at it before you get to her book, but you may like to look at it later. Have a great year reading!

  2. Trish -- I saw the review, & turned the page before I was tempted to read the book! I actually feel sorry for my neighbors collecting my mail .. I ordered several books while here, so they're stuck carting them all home!


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