Friday, September 16, 2011

and midway through the month,

This picture pretty much says it all.  It's a combination of aaarrggghhh and zombie/dead-brained woman -- exactly how I feel right now.  And I did it to myself, so I can't really complain!

 Here's what's on my plate at this moment in time:

The Booker-prize longlisted books progress:
 I've finished the shortlist now, yay! but still have the following left to read

- The Last Hundred Days, Patrick McGuinness -- past the 100-page mark
- The Testament of Jessie Lamb, Jane Rogers
- On Canaan's Side, Sebastian Barry
- The Stranger's Child, Alan Hollinghurst

I'm at the point where I figure if I don't finish by the end of September, I don't really care any more.  And I have a ton of new books (and an even bigger ton of old ones) to get to, and they call my name whenever I pass by. 

The CWA International Dagger Award-eligible books (a year-long project, going through July)
A list of these books was compiled by Karen at Euro Crime
I've read exactly nine out of 55. Good thing I'm giving myself up to the very last minute on this one! My real problem with this list is that if a book is part of a series, and I haven't read the ones that come before, I absolutely must read them prior to starting on the one I'm intending to read.  This does create gridlock in my reading, but I'm a series purist.  Some might call me an idiot.

The Europa Challenge -- a total labor of love, so this one doesn't bother me so much, and I had a ton of Europa books on the tbr pile before the Challenge began so there's not a lot of extra cost or waiting.

 Just finished Maksik's You Deserve Nothing; now moving onto From the Land of the Moon, by Milena Agus.

That's it. Now I will be getting back to my books. 


  1. Nancy, I feel for you. You're doing great, but remember you like to read. Many of us run into this exact issue--all of a sudden our great joy turns into a chore. Wishing you joy and wonderful reading ahead!

  2. The aaarrggghh is totallly tongue-in-cheek! I do love to read -- I just don't love giving myself a schedule.


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