Tuesday, January 27, 2015

here's something else I never expected

I just went to see what's coming to me this time around from Powell's Indiespensable Program and was kind of, no, strike that, surprisingly shocked that they are no longer taking subscriptions for Indiespensable.  This is my favorite book subscription program -- not only do you get the scheduled signed first edition, but you also get an eclectic range of  local goodies included in the package. I've received such cool stuff as  boutique chocolate, salted caramel ice cream sauce,  a tote bag, advanced reader copies of books, tea, coffee, etc, pretty much anything locally made except Oregon or Pacific Northwest microbrews.  I guess it's become so popular that they're having to scale back on the program.  Good for Powell's, but not so good for all of the people I've told about Indiespensable.


  1. What! This is a loss and an outrage! Losing out on chocolate, ice cream sauce, tea, coffee, advanced copies of books! I'd be pulling out my hair!

    By the way, I finished The Paying Guests and enjoyed it; thankfully, it ended as it did. but Sarah Waters' books are so unputdownable and easy to read. I really thought I was in England in 1922; it's pure escapism. A rude awakening every time I had to close the book and turn on the news.

    I've read two other books by Waters and am going to read another one.

    1. And speaking of Powell's and Sarah Waters, my signed first edition of The Paying Guests came from there. I'm not personally going to lose out because I've been with the program forever.

      I'm so happy you enjoyed The Paying Guests! I really liked it too.


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