Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March: the plan: read, find new homes for books read, and read some more

When we  redid our upstairs, I reworked every bookshelf in every room so that each and every book had a place. Well, that was a few months ago and now I seem to have more books than shelf room again. One would think that the effort and time I put into this project would have taught me something, but well, the best-laid plans and all that.  There are just too many good books coming out right now that I want to read to prevent myself from picking up more. So this month I'll be making a serious effort to find new homes for a number of books -- first, trying to give them away, and if that fails, listing them at paperback swap.  I like paperback swap, but  my wishlist there is filled with books that few people  read, so I have an abundance of credits that just aren't being used.

On tap for this month for sure is the entire Barrytown Trilogy and The Guts, by Roddy Doyle, Playback, the last original Philip Marlowe novel by Raymond Chandler  and then The Black-Eyed Blonde, by Benjamin Black aka John Banville, in which he channels Chandler.  If I get through those, then I'll just start pulling books off the stacks that are growing higher on my office floor.

So that's that -- I'll be sure to mark whether the books are destined for the "free books" pile or not as I discuss them here. 

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