Monday, June 24, 2013

Nairobi Heat, *Black Star Nairobi, by Mukoma Wa Ngugi

Melville House, 2011 
204 pp

I actually finished both of these novels about a week ago; they're books I would definitely recommend, very different than what's on the average crime shelves these days.  In fact, as it turns out, they're much more on the political thriller side, and what makes them move beyond being just another couple of titles in that genre is the author's exploration of  complicated issues of identity, morality, and justice, especially as defined vis-a-vis geography and ethnicity.

Melville House, 2013
267 pp
Personally speaking, I was drawn to these characters, especially in Black Star Nairobi, which was just recently published by Melville House.  Of the two, Nairobi Heat has a less credible plot, but is much richer in character development and the author's exploration of issues.  

You can read about them both on my crime page, here -- and I do recommend both of them, but not for the faint of heart or people who like happy stories.

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