Thursday, June 14, 2012

today's listing of I'm not going to read these books - does anyone want them (US only, please)

Up first is The Book of Jonas, by Stephen Dau.  I have two copies, since in their infinite respective wisdoms, Powells Indiespensable and the Book Passage first editions book clubs each sent me the same book the same month.  So I have an extra.

 Here's the blurb for The Book of Jonas:

Jonas is fifteen when his family is killed during an errant U.S. military operation in an unnamed Muslim country. With the help of an international relief organization, he is sent to America, where he struggles to assimilate-foster family, school, a first love. Eventually, he tells a court-mandated counselor and therapist about a U.S. soldier, Christopher Henderson, responsible for saving his life on the tragic night in question. Christopher's mother, Rose, has dedicated her life to finding out what really happened to her son, who disappeared after the raid in which Jonas' village was destroyed. When Jonas meets Rose, a shocking and painful secret gradually surfaces from the past, and builds to a shattering conclusion that haunts long after the final page. Told in spare, evocative prose, The Book of Jonas is about memory, about the terrible choices made during war, and about what happens when foreign disaster appears at our own doorstep. It is a rare and virtuosic novel from an exciting new writer to watch.

Second is Michael David Lukas' book, The Oracle of Stamboul , again a duplicate copy.

Both books are free, and they're new -- never read. You can take one or both, I do not care.  Just be the first to leave a comment saying which book you want (or if you want both) and they're yours.


  1. The Oracle of Stamboul is on my TBR, so if it hasn't been claimed yet, I would love to have it!

    1. Thanks! I'll get that out to you next week. I think I still have your address!

    2. Thanks, Nancy! If you need the address, just send me an email at colreads at gmail dot com. Hope all is well with you!


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