Saturday, September 25, 2010

Room International Giveaway .... and the winner is....

According to, the winner of Room is commenter #9 (excluding Suzanne, who said she didn't have to be entered in the giveaway) -- and that would be Clenna!  Yay for you! I'll be ordering that for you tomorrow, so if you would be ever so kind and send me an email with your address,  it will be on its way.

And thanks to everyone else...there will definitely be more giveaways in my future, so stay tuned.  You may not have won the book, but I won a chance to check out all of your awesome blogs.

A Special thanks to Jo of Booklover Book Reviews for putting up a post about the giveaway on her lovely blog.


  1. Congratulations Suzanne.
    I guess I just have to buy the book now!!

  2. Actually, it was Clenna (Suzanne opted out) who won, but congratulating anyone who won is a great thing.


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