Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Monday! What am I reading?

  It's definitely Monday, so it's time to once again play "What am I reading?" Thanks to my host, Sheila at Bookjourney, for taking this on and doing such an incredible job!

So here goes.  I've been primarily focusing on the novels that were selected for the Man Booker Prize longlist, which I read every year.  I have to say that this year the pickings are quite slim.  I've been amazed by the huge difference in quality from last year's longlist, but what can I say. I'm also amazed at what did NOT appear on the shortlist.

Since I posted last, here's what's been happening:
from the Booker Prize longlist I read
C, by Tom McCarthy -- a very unique read, I must say. This is one that I think would be a year-long graduate course and you still may not get through it. But I liked it.
Skippy Dies, by Paul Murray -- definitely one of the best books of 2010.  I have to say I'm shocked it did not go on to the longlist. This book is simply outstanding (and so funny at times you should read it away from others, so you're not embarrassed when you're laughing out loud).
February, by Lisa Moore -- definitely not one of my favorites, but an okay read
Trespass, by Rose Tremain -- this one was very likeable; very dark in tone

off the list: 

read, not reviewed:
Bad Boy, by Peter Robinson - I have to get this review done today!

Currently Reading:
The Finkler Question, by Howard Jacobson (from the longlist)

Coming up this week
The Long Song, by Andrea Levy and In A Strange Room, by Damon Galgut, both from the Booker Prize longlist. When I finish those, I'm down to the last 2 (hooray) and life can get back to normal. My brain is nearly fried. 

I nearly forgot: I received (from Schaffner Press) a copy of Acid Christ :Ken Kesey, LSD, and the Politics of Ecstasy, by Mark Christensen that I am going to get to here shortly. I love this stuff!

I sooooo want to get done with the longlist and get back to my usual reading fare -- but I'm sure it won't be too much longer now.  



  1. I'm eager to read Trespass...I found it at Library Thing recently....

    Here's my week:

  2. Wow! Hats off to you for doing this! I can imagine you must be tired, but look at this - we will be coming to you for an opinion about these books! Kudos!

  3. I really liked it, actually. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Aths: It has been a LONG journey and I just want to get back to some crime fiction or something mindless!

  5. I have not heard of Skippy Dies. Sounds like I need to hear of it. :)

  6. It's just been published in the US, and is from Ireland, so it's not hot on the radar yet. It's so funny ... but at the same time absolutely heartbreaking. I was really sad when it was over, I can tell you, even at 700 pages!

  7. You did good reading!

    Have a great reading week ahead! Here is my Mondays: Mailbox/Where Am I/Musings post.

  8. Wow, what a great list of books! I've got Bad Boy waiting to be read in the near future. Sounds good - I'll have to take a look at your review. Hope you have another great week of reading!

  9. Your review for Skippy Dies was so great you've convinced me to put it on my wishlist! I have to finish my current tome before I start another one though ;)

  10. Gautami: good, but rather exhausting sometimes!

    Joy: I liked Bad Boy - I'll be posting sometime soon. Thanks for commenting!

    Jo: Thanks for the compliment. It's easy to write a good review for a book I really liked.


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