Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm back, my back, and back to the February giveaway

and let's do this bass-ackward.  First matter at hand: who wins the giveaway of Lisa Moore's book, February?

The winner, determined entirely at random by random.org, is M, or Maya, who came here via Goodreads.  Maya's blog is called Apprentice Writer -- go over and say hi. To all of the rest of you -- thanks so much for playing, and I see many more giveaways in my future.

Second: I'm back: I've been away in California with no computer -- only my iphone which I can't use for blogging because it takes me forever to write anything with that thing.  I can keep up with comments but that's about it.

Third: My back: well, on my birthday I slipped on a rainy grocery store pavement and it was all over -- flat until the day we flew out of here, so that was about 8 days where I could do nothing but just lay there wishing I could get up, but thinking that if I tried to imitate a well person, I'd kill myself on the flight from FL to CA.

I have tons of reviews to write -- so I'd better get cracking.

Congratulations again to Maya (M) for winning the February book giveaway.


  1. Sorry to hear about your back on your birthday, glad you recovered completely to enjoy CA.

  2. Oh, thanks! California was a whirlwind weekend for my son's wedding, so I was going to get there if I was in traction!

  3. Sorry to hear about your slip. Nothing worse than feeling anything other than 100% when flying! ;)


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