Tuesday, July 2, 2013

*The Ghost Riders of Ordebec, by Fred Vargas

Penguin, 2013
360 pp
originally published as L’armée furieuse, 2011
translated by Siân Reynolds


The Ghost Riders of Ordebec is the latest installment of the Commissaire Adamsberg series set in France. While I had some issues with the last two Adamsberg novels, this one is funny and entertaining, has some interesting mysteries at its heart, and some of the best characterizations I've ever come across in a crime novel, surpassed only by those of Andrea Camilleri and the crew working for Inspector Salvo Montalbano.   You can read about it at my crime page , but first a word: don't let this book serve as your introduction to the series -- start with the first one, The Chalk Circle Man, and read the novels in order. 

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