Saturday, May 15, 2010

Totally off topic: The end of an era -- goodbye Law and Order


Today I received an email about how to reset my Twitter account password and panicked because I hadn't asked to reset it. So I figured someone's trying to get into it (for the life of me I don't know why because I barely use it and then only for book-related things) and went to see if I made any postings I didn't know about in case I had been hacked (which I didn't). However, I was scanning down the tweets I've missed in the last couple of days and someone from Living Social (where I use Visual Bookshelf from Facebook) posted that Law and Order was being canceled. I'm like "WHAT??????????" and clicked on the link for the New York Times that the person left. Imagine my surprise when I found out that this was not just another rumor, but the truth.

Many people wrote in to the NYT  (myself included) to bemoan L&O's fate, and I read one comment there that said  "get a's just a tv show." While that may be the case, and while the loss of one long-running show may not change how the Earth spins on its axis or make me want to jump out of a window or something, it's still one of my favorites and I'm not alone in that category.

Let me just say that this is definitely the end of an era, not just for Law and Order, but for me as well. I can honestly with no hesitation whatsoever say that there is absolutely nothing left for me to watch on any of the big three original networks. Now that L&O is going away, there won't be a need to look at the on-screen directory to see what's on the regular network channels; it's only cable channels and PBS that will be on in the house when I'm ready to sit down for some television watching. I feel like something of a certain quality and intelligence has been taken away and I'm a wee bit sad -- after all of the many years of watching this show, I'm going to miss it. And to the powers that be at NBC....I have just one question: what were you thinking???????????

Goodbye, Jack McCoy and the DA's staff; see you later, Lt. Van Buren and all of New York's finest working with you -- it's been a pleasure.  You will all be missed. To the actors who played all of these people throughout the rock. Thank you. To everyone connected with producing the show, well, you was robbed by the network.


  1. It is so funny that I just saw that, because I am sitting here with my lap top, watching... Law and Order! That is very sad if it finishes, I love that show.

  2. at least we can still watch it in syndication, but I looked forward to every new episode.

  3. I heard that last night too and my jaw dropped. I love that show and rather watch L&O than any off it's spin offs.

    I know nothing about TV ratings, but I can't help it but point the finger at the fact that they kept moving it around this season and put it up against some heavy hitters. Seriously, it seemed like it was on a different night every few weeks. It is hard to get into a pattern of watching a show when you keep moving it around.

  4. I know! It's like when NBC has a show that's very popular they can't just leave it alone but have to dink with time slots. I was really upset when they cancelled Southland after one season too.


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