Sunday, August 17, 2014

I got the mid-month, no-time-for-reading blues

An influx of family from the west coast is leaving zero reading time for the rest of this month, except what little I can snag after everyone's gone to bed.   I feel like an addict in withdrawal lately.  And forget about grabbing solid hours of computer time ... nope. Ain't gonna happen.

All has not been lost, though -- I've managed to finish The Book of Strange New Things, by Michel Faber so that's a plus, and I'm planning on starting Lan Cao's The Lotus and the Storm tonight after everyone falls asleep, if I can stay awake long enough.   Crimewise I've finished The Panda Theory by Pascal Garnier and Savage Night by Jim Thompson, only because they're both really short.  That's about it; everything else I planned to read over the summer is getting pushed to September, when Larry's away for three weeks and all family has returned home.

And then there's those pesky Booker shortlist novels which should be announced that month... so many books yet no freakin' time.

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