Sunday, January 19, 2014

Out of Print: not books, but clothes

A week ago today I was in Los Angeles with family, and we went down to Little Tokyo to get Udon, probably my favorite food in the universe.  We ate at a cool restaurant there called Monzo, a small noodle shop, then walked around to sort of walk off the carbs.  While we're looking at the little shops in the main plaza there, I came across a little store where outside there was a rack of t-shirts made up of book covers.  I bought the 1984 shirt (shown here draped on my family room sofa):

but there was a huge choice of other tees (sweatshirts and totes too) that I plan to revisit in the near future.  Out of Print has a website in case you're  interested in what other goodies this company has.  The tag looks like a library sign-out card, you know -- the ones in the little envelope thingie.  I'm generally not big on product advertising, but this one might be fun for book/reading lovers. 

check it out. And if you're ever in Little Tokyo, try Monzo -- it's to die for.

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