Friday, November 30, 2012

The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature shortlist

I'm so out of the freakin' loop.  The shortlist was announced November 20th but with everything else that's been going on I missed it.  So if anyone cares (which I do), the finalists for the 2013 prize are the following (taken from the list at the DSC website):

1.       Jamil Ahmad: The Wandering Falcon (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin India)
2.       Tahmima Anam: The Good Muslim (Penguin Books)
3.       Amitav Ghosh: River of Smoke (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin India)
4.       Mohammed Hanif: Our Lady of Alice Bhatti (Random House India)
5.       Uday Prakash: The Walls of Delhi (Translated by Jason Grunebaum; UWA Publishing, W. Australia)
6.       Jeet Thayil: Narcopolis (Faber and Faber, London)

Well, heck -- only two I haven't read!  I will say this: I loved The Wandering Falcon, River of Smoke and Narcopolis absolutely and unconditionally.  I wasn't particularly in love with The Good Muslim, mainly because I hate the title but also because it's a rather one-sided tale, if you ask me.  Anyway, good luck to everyone.

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