Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*nonfiction: The Boys of '67: Charlie Company's War in Vietnam, by Andrew Wiest

Osprey Publishing, 2012
376 pp

(ARC from the publisher -- Thank you!!!)

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I have been forever fascinated  with the Vietnam War -- most especially with the politics and behind-the-scene machinations behind America's involvement, but also with the growth and outright explosion of US opposition to the war, and the aftermath, as the soldiers came home, or did not.  But what really gets to me are the compelling stories of the people who were actually there.  The Boys of '67 briefly but powerfully examines the lives of a group of men from Charlie Company in the US Army's 9th Infantry Division -- from the time they received their greetings from Uncle Sam through their individual returns home and beyond.  It is a fine addition to the already-existing collection of personal histories of the war, focusing largely on the special bonds forged between these former strangers turned family throughout their year in Vietnam.


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    1. Oh my. If it goes on Amazon, please enter my name under Anonymous or something with a link to the discussion of this book. I used to write reviews on Amazon but quite a lot of the people there are so nasty and vitriolic that I won't do it any more. I don't have a thick skin, sadly.


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