Sunday, July 1, 2012

July: by-the-pool reads

Most people label their summer books as beach reads; mine are by-the-pool reads.   It's weird --  we can walk to the beach from our house but rarely go there.  It's way too crowded, there's too much noise, and we like just hanging in our back yard, stretching out on  long lounger chairs next to the pool, just to the left of the steps where the ball is in the picture.  The patio has huge sliders that are steps away from the kitchen and fridge -- no need to lug a cooler anywhere.  And if it gets too hot, well, the pool is right there.   It's the perfect relaxing environment for light reading, and that's exactly what's happening this month.  I see lots of crime fiction (Jussi Adler-Olson's latest -- Disgrace -- to name one), some easy novels (Canada, by Richard Ford, comes to mind), and whatever else I happen to pick up.  It is, after all, the month of calm before the Booker longlist storm hits, and I need my brain to be untired beginning August 1.  Any relaxing reads suggestions are most welcome!

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