Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February: Celebrating Chinese New Year -- Books by Chinese authors

  新年快樂 !!

Happy New Year! February 3 officially begins the Year of the Rabbit, and to mark the occasion, I've culled through the tbr pile to find books written by Chinese authors to read this month. On this stack:

Three Sisters, by Bi Feiyu
Dream of Ding Village, by Yan Lianke
The Boat to Redemption, by Su Tong
Playing for Thrills, by Wang Shuo
Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, by Yu Hua
My Life as Emperor, by Su Tong

and if I have time, there are several more from which to choose. A few ARCs are also in the plan, along with a crime fiction novel here and there, so we'll see how many of these I get finished.

At my house Chinese New Year's is normally a huge cooking day, but Larry's away on business so we'll have to postpone it for a while.  That's okay...I can use the time for reading.

February's short, but I have lots of time, no travel in my immediate plans, so I'll be back shortly to report on my reading progress.

Have a happy new year!

by the way, sorry about the all-caps. I think my Chinese word processor is screwing up the formatting!



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