Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Monday! What am I reading?

As always, my thanks go to the lovely host of this blog, Sheila at Book Journey. I don't know how in the world this human dynamo finds time to read with her busy life.

I missed posting last week so I have a bit to make up for, so bear with me. Continuing with light reads:

Books I've read:
Kraken, by China Mieville (sf/fantasy)

Badfellas, by Tonino Benacquista (crime fiction, France)
August Heat, by Andrea Camilleri (crime fiction, Italy)
 Death in Breslau, by Marek Krejewski (crime fiction, Poland)
Thirteen Hours, by Deon Meyer (crime fiction, South Africa) -- not yet reviewed, but wow!
Third Girl, by Agatha Christie
 The Franchise Affair, by Josephine Tey
The Madonnas of Echo Park, by Brando Skyhorse
and Chef, by Jaspreet Singh -- finished late last night, so not yet reviewed, but a most excellent book

Currently reading:
 Appointment With Death, by Agatha Christie

 Planning to read this week:
 The Singer's Gun, by Emily St. John Mandel
The Leavenworth Case,  by Anna Katherine Green
and whatever
so that's it. Have a good reading week!


  1. I have ben wanting to read The Madonnas of Echo Park. The Singer's Gun is excellent, happy reading! My Monday is here:

  2. Interesting ones. Enjoy your books!

    Here is my post!

  3. wow! You've been so busy. So many books, I'm really impressed. 'Madonna's of Echo Park' sounds fab.

    Agatha Christie is brilliant. Is it one of the the Poirot series? I do like Poirot.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by earlier.

  4. Wow, that's a great list of books! I love that you're reading Josephine Tey - I used to really enjoy her books. It's been a while since I read any, though - I'll have to check out your review.

    Have fun reading this week!

  5. You've had a great couple of weeks for reading! Even though I have a couple Agatha Christies on my shelf, I've never read anything by her. I really need to change that.

  6. The Madonna's Of Echo Park sounds amazing - excited to read your review! Have an awesome week! :D

  7. When did you split off your crime reviews? Gah, how did I miss that? I like that idea.

    Going to catch up on your reviews right now.

  8. Hi Nancy,

    What a great lot of books you've read this week. The Deon Meyer book is one I'll be looking forward to seeing your review on. I haven't been half as productive as I usually am.

    Here’s my Monday

  9. Thanks for coming by!
    @Jennifer: thanks for letting me know about The Singer's Gun!
    @myworldlyobsession: Yes, it is part of the Poirot series...the last one airing on PBS this season.
    @Joy: I love Josephine Tey!
    @Alita: She is fun, but at the same time they're really good mysteries!
    @Gwen: I did it a while ago. I got tired of searching through each book for the crime!

  10. Sheila: I just hope it does well. He's a talented author.

  11. Amanda, Deon Meyer's book is so good that I bought all of the books preceding it. I can't wait to get into them. I think I'm a crime-a-holic.

  12. I love Agatha Christie's mysteries, she's a classic!!

  13. Joann: You should join the Agatha Christie challenge!


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