Wednesday, March 31, 2010

G'day...I'm joining the Aussie Author challenge

I was going through the closet I converted into the unread fiction shelves last night, sorting to see what's what, what's there, etc. and found a giant stack of books by authors from Australia. I'm like 4 months late joining, but better late than never, eh?

The challenge is being hosted by a real Aussie, bookwordlover, and here's the page where you can sign up.  I happen to really enjoy books from down under so this will be an easy challenge.


  1. Thanks for joining me in my Aussie Author Challenge Nancy - you have plenty of time - 9 months left! Look forward to sharing reviews.

  2. Thats great! Im doing this challenge and i have my own australian author challenge as well. What books have you got that you want to read for the challenge? I would love to know

  3. Let's see...I've already read Patricia Carlon, then I have these:
    Breath - Tim Winton
    The True History of the Kelly Gang - Peter Carey
    Voss - Patrick White
    The Vivisector - Patrick White
    The Broken Shore, by Peter Temple
    The Great World, by David Malouf
    Death of A River Guide, by Richard Flanagan
    The Fortunes of Richard Mahony, by Henry Handel Richardson

    A few I've read in the past that I liked:
    Gould's Book of Fish, by Richard Flanagan (really a great novel)
    Picnic at Hanging Rock - Joan Lindsay
    Oscar and Lucinda, by Peter Carey
    The Secret River, by Kate Grenville

  4. Oh -- another really good one is Oyster, by Janette Turner Hospital -- one of my favorites.


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